Saturday, June 19, 2010

People Corner (Rich Cotovsky)

Every show has a leader and Award winning David Cromer's Cherrywood is no exception. There is a director, in this case the award winning David Cromer, but he is not the soul of this ensemble. How could he be, for he is so small and old.
This theater production is blessed with a sage that has seen it all. A shaman of plays that has been there, and will gladly tell the youngsters how to respect their elders.
His name is Rich Cotovsky and he has done everything. Do not pretend that he hasn't banged your mom, and probably your dad too.
Don't worry though, his smooth voice and mellow tones will make you not be mad anymore because you will fall asleep and cuddle on his lap in his van.
If you touch or look at his skin, be prepared to have the best orgasm of your life, because that's what you will have.
Also, he makes good soup, and can crockpot the shit out of a brisket.
He is a pharmacist in his civilian life, but that just means that he will prescribe you an ass whoopin' if you don't stop fronting.
I can't wait to see what they do with this, the stateliest of Chicago legends in a play filled with so much hot young ass.
Godspeed, Rich Cotovsky.

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