Thursday, June 24, 2010

EXCLUSIVE Interview with Cherrywood star Briana De Giulio

We sat down with Briana De Giulio to dish about Dereck Garner, Cherrywood, and Dereck Garner's sexuality.  Looks like Briana wants an EXCLUSIVE of her own!!  Let's CHERRYWATCH:

Are you enjoying working on Cherrywood?
Its as much work as it is trying to identify who likes boys and who likes girls in the theatre world: Easy and fun! 

What's been the most satisfying part?
The Mary-Arrchie isn't a big space. And the cast is larger than there seems to be room for. So there's a lot of "accidental groping" when trying to find space to move in on the set. So I guess its satisfying when I'm near Dereck Garner and that happens.

How would you characterize the most satisfying part?
If I could find a word that is even better than "sexy," that's what I'd characterize it as. And the closest thing I can even think to that is "Dereck Garner."

Are you enjoying that?
Who doesn't enjoy getting to spend their nights watching Dereck Garner with his shirt off?

Is Dereck Garner gay?
If Dereck Garner is gay, then I don't want to be a lady.

Do you think you are better than me?
I'm not better than you, but Dereck Garner is.

Thanks for your time. What do you think about Dereck Garner's performance?
I'd like to see someone do it better with their clothes on. Won't happen.

Have a nice life.
Are you being sarcastic because I said Dereck Garner is better than you? C'mon. Friends need to be honest with friends.

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  1. an inspiring, moving article about Dereck Garner. Best I have ever read. Thank you.