Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Cast is Very Sick!

Sources confirmed on Friday that the entire cast is suffering from an illness that is threatening to destroy the very fabric of this once great and powerful play with no plot or characters. Sources tell us that no less than 30 members of the cast have become infected with what doctors are unable to diagnose at our human levels of technology. Symptoms have included barfing, thick, rich coughs, sneezing, wet hands, and edema (or dropsy). If you see any of these cast members, please stay away as they will ask you for cigarettes and probably hug you.
The ground zero body for the illness is Brian Hinkle, teen heartthrob and weirdo.
More news on this breaking development as it...develops.


  1. i just peed myself. cuz it's funny. also, a side-effect is incontinence.

  2. Stay in the bathroom if you want to live.