Wednesday, June 2, 2010

EXCLUSIVE Interview with Michele Gorman!!!

Hello Cherrywatchers!  Today we have an interview with Columbia College grad and Cherrywood star Michele Gorman!

Nice to Meet You!

it's 9 am eric - i'm not in the mood.

How was your weekend?

what weekend?

Let's get right to the questions.

didn't you just ask a question?

Last Meal You’d Eat Before You Die?

i'm not on death row, eric, i don't like this question.

Last Time You Sang To Katy?

i don't know who that is and i don't care.

Last Time You Were Mistaken For Another Celebrity?

every day i have to remind carlo that i'm not that chick from the oc - the skinny one w/the drug problem - i mean i guess there's some similarities...

Last Time You Saw Katy?

haven't we already been thru this? who is this katy person? nevermind, don't tell me. i don't actually care.

Last Time You were Starstruck?

last nite - did you know CARLO LORENZO GARCIA is in this show?

Last Time You Hung Out with Adam Lambert?

i don't really associate w/"those people."

Last Time You Cried?

i'm crying right now.

Last Romantic Date You Had ?

"romantic"? "date?" i'm not familiar with these terms...

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