Tuesday, June 1, 2010

EXCLUSIVE Cherrywood BBQ Pics! The Stars Are Just Like Us!

The whole gang! They party just like US!

Rich Cotovsky learns what fire can do!

Everyone can eat!

Sexy smiles!

This cast is HIP and underage!

Smoking is pretty cool at Camp Cherrywood! Join in kids!

Even special people can have fun at BBQs!

Be on the lookout for new heartthrob Geoff Button!

Javier Bardem and Briana are ready for your questions!

Grab a hat, why don't you?

About to make out with David Cromer? EXCLUSIVE!

Briana De Giulio laughs at Kasia, which quickly turns into a sexy arm rub.

Aileen May from Factory Theatre's Hey Dancin' is so mad at her new friends!

The older folks like to sit around the grill and talk about the old theatre times when Malkovich used to do the grilling and Michael Shannon would get really drunk and try to kiss them.

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