Wednesday, May 26, 2010

An Interview with House Theatre Artistic Director Nathan Allen! EXCLUSIVE!

So, I sat down with wunderkind Artistic Director Nathan Allen, who finally brought interesting theatre to Chicago with The House Theatre Company. I asked him some probing questions! Come on, join the probe!

Are you upset that you did not think of doing Cherrywood first?

Butane in my veins and I’m out to cut the junkie with the plastic eyeballs
(Ed. – This is a weird comment.)

So wait, the House does original work?

Don’t believe everything that you breathe
You get a parking violation and a maggot on your sleeve
(Ed. – Wait, Eric, he was actually saying these things? Eric – Yes. I don’t think he was really listening, he kept looking at his iPhone and sort of chuckling.)

What's your earliest memory?

The daytime crap of the folksinger club
He hung himself with a guitar string
A slab of turkey-neck and it’s hangin’ from a pigeon wing
(Ed. – This comes nowhere near answering the question. Eric – He started rubbing my knee here also.)

Does it hurt to think about it now?

You can’t write if you can’t relate
(Ed. – This is retarded. Eric – I dunno. It’s all he would say. He was wearing a Nixon mask at this point.)

What's for din-din tonight?

Go crazy with the cheese whiz
(Ed. – Oh, come on! Eric – Please, can I go? This is too painful to relive like this.)

Does it hurt to think about it now?

I’m a driver, I’m a winner; things are gonna change I can feel it
(Ed. – What a jerk. What a huge fucking jerk. Eric - *sobs*)

-Eric Roach, Anderson Lawfer

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Carlo Garcia has been a recluse for many years, walking in the delicate shadow of Hans Fleischmann as the leading beauty and best friend of Rich Cotovsky. He recently sat down with me and had a jovial interview about love, loss, and a return to a simpler time.
It's nice to see you again, Carlo.


Maybe I should just begin my interview?


You are very handsome.

Garcia flashes his luxurious smile

Ok, when was the last time you went home to Ohio?

Sunday August 13 2006, I was in Cleveland, Ohio to see Tom Waits play a secret show at the House of Blues, the show was General Admission, so I was able to get about 3 people from the stage. I remember looking up and seeing Jim Jarmusch up in the balcony and wanted to start chanting "I screama, you a'screama, we all a'screma for ice creama". There was a point in the set where we sprayed with Tom Waits sing spit. I was in Cleveland for 3 hours and saw both of their buildings, used a payphone, watched the poor people wait for buses, saw the Moses Cleveland Statue, and had some street food.

Last time you felt starstruck?

I got a little starstruck in March when I ran into Creed from ABC's The Office in Austin, he was a cool dude.

Last time you watched a sports game?

I was at the Cubs game last week with Rich, didn't you see us on TV? Come on, Andy, we were featured audience members! Get a TV and do some research!

Last time you saw your brother Drew?

Not cool, bro, not cool, if you really must know, last time I saw him was in the womb, thanks for telling everyone I ate my twin, real professional.
[Editor's note: I had no idea this weirdo had eaten his twin]

Last time you took a vacation?

I took a work-cation to SXSW in March, but last real vacation was to Portland last year. I will definitely be taking a vacation once Cherrywood opens. In this economy, I think I will be spending two nights at the Svengoolie Museum/Bed&Breakfast in beauti-dull Berwyn, Illinois.

So you think you are better than me?

Do we really need to go through this again, Andy?

Last time you checked Facebook or Twitter?

3 times during this interview and currently right now. I can't wait to tweet how much of a twit you are.

Last time you were caught in a snowstorm?

Does a snowstorm of your bullshit count? No? Then, never.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Hypmocrite's Artistic Director Stan Graney Interview about Cherrywood and life with Cromer and Cotovsky

The success of Cherrywood hinges largely on the past successes of the director and theatrical company producing it. Recently, I sat down with a hero in the Chicago and international theater scene, the very respected Artistic Director of the Hypmocrites and old friend of the director, Stan Granery. Mr. Granery was forthright about his opposition to this play ever being produced, and his deep seeded hatred of cats and the way his name was to be spelled. He did not speak at all of his past success "Our Towne".

What do you think about Mary Arrchie's upcoming production of Cherrywood?
Well, I am nervous. I think this is Cromer's first show after being released from that sex-offender program. And Mary-Arrchie is really close to that community center, where all those children play. I am not sure how they work around his ankle bracelet beeping throughout rehearsals. But if any one can do it, he can, especially since he became a Christian.

Will you be excited to see it?

See that video he made? No, I am not excited to see that video again. David, in his dark days, showed it to me already. It was messy. David really prays that Jesus lets that child heal with grace and aplomb.

Do you have any kittens?

Oh yes.

What do you like most about kittens?
I love my kitty's cute face!

Have you ever done a play at Mary Arrchie?
No, Rich Cotovsky has a restraining order against me. Which is understandable.

When was the last time you had a really long personal talk with Rich Cotovsky?
2001, just after the trial. I mean, I try now to have that long personal talk, but he can't, he's not ready. Which is understandable.

David Cromer canoodles with an ex!

David Cromer in the throes of a relationship text conversation. Stars are just like us!

Friday, May 21, 2010


Adam Hinkle, Aileen May, Alexander Ring, Alice Wedoff, Allison Cain, Andre LaSalle, Andrew Hanback, Anthony Demarco, Brian Hinkle, Briana De Giulio, Bries Vannon, Candice Gregg, Carlo Lorenzo Garcia, Caroline Neff, Chris Ward Blumer, Colleen Miller, Craig Cunningham, D’wayne Taylor, Dereck Garner, Derek Brummet, Ebony Wimbs, Eileen Montelione, Elliot Ivins, Gavin Robinson, Geoff Button, Jennifer Santanello, Jeremy Noll, Joseph DeBettencourt, Kasia Januszewski, Katherine Schwartz, Keely Brennan, Kevin V. Smith, Leslie Frame, Lindsey Barlag, Lindsey Pearlman, Marika Engelhardt, Michael Dice, Michele Gorman, Molly Reynolds, Nick Mikula, Noah Simon, Ramon Madrid, Raymond Shoemaker, Richard Cotovsky, Rob Fenton, Rudy Galvan, Ryan Bourque, Ryan Martin and Shannon Clausen.

An amazing cast with so much to share!!

How to get involved!!

If you are a member of the cast and would like to be interviewed, or have some information or gossip you are ready to give, please contact our intern Trish Hooper, and she will set up whatever needs to be set up.
You may reach Trish at

Any information is welcome and involvement is highly encouraged!!!