Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Carlo Garcia has been a recluse for many years, walking in the delicate shadow of Hans Fleischmann as the leading beauty and best friend of Rich Cotovsky. He recently sat down with me and had a jovial interview about love, loss, and a return to a simpler time.
It's nice to see you again, Carlo.


Maybe I should just begin my interview?


You are very handsome.

Garcia flashes his luxurious smile

Ok, when was the last time you went home to Ohio?

Sunday August 13 2006, I was in Cleveland, Ohio to see Tom Waits play a secret show at the House of Blues, the show was General Admission, so I was able to get about 3 people from the stage. I remember looking up and seeing Jim Jarmusch up in the balcony and wanted to start chanting "I screama, you a'screama, we all a'screma for ice creama". There was a point in the set where we sprayed with Tom Waits sing spit. I was in Cleveland for 3 hours and saw both of their buildings, used a payphone, watched the poor people wait for buses, saw the Moses Cleveland Statue, and had some street food.

Last time you felt starstruck?

I got a little starstruck in March when I ran into Creed from ABC's The Office in Austin, he was a cool dude.

Last time you watched a sports game?

I was at the Cubs game last week with Rich, didn't you see us on TV? Come on, Andy, we were featured audience members! Get a TV and do some research!

Last time you saw your brother Drew?

Not cool, bro, not cool, if you really must know, last time I saw him was in the womb, thanks for telling everyone I ate my twin, real professional.
[Editor's note: I had no idea this weirdo had eaten his twin]

Last time you took a vacation?

I took a work-cation to SXSW in March, but last real vacation was to Portland last year. I will definitely be taking a vacation once Cherrywood opens. In this economy, I think I will be spending two nights at the Svengoolie Museum/Bed&Breakfast in beauti-dull Berwyn, Illinois.

So you think you are better than me?

Do we really need to go through this again, Andy?

Last time you checked Facebook or Twitter?

3 times during this interview and currently right now. I can't wait to tweet how much of a twit you are.

Last time you were caught in a snowstorm?

Does a snowstorm of your bullshit count? No? Then, never.


  1. this guy seems like a real dick

  2. All of Chicago lives in the delicate shadow of hans fleischmann. however, now it seems as though Chicago is living in the shadow of carlo garcia.