Monday, May 24, 2010

Hypmocrite's Artistic Director Stan Graney Interview about Cherrywood and life with Cromer and Cotovsky

The success of Cherrywood hinges largely on the past successes of the director and theatrical company producing it. Recently, I sat down with a hero in the Chicago and international theater scene, the very respected Artistic Director of the Hypmocrites and old friend of the director, Stan Granery. Mr. Granery was forthright about his opposition to this play ever being produced, and his deep seeded hatred of cats and the way his name was to be spelled. He did not speak at all of his past success "Our Towne".

What do you think about Mary Arrchie's upcoming production of Cherrywood?
Well, I am nervous. I think this is Cromer's first show after being released from that sex-offender program. And Mary-Arrchie is really close to that community center, where all those children play. I am not sure how they work around his ankle bracelet beeping throughout rehearsals. But if any one can do it, he can, especially since he became a Christian.

Will you be excited to see it?

See that video he made? No, I am not excited to see that video again. David, in his dark days, showed it to me already. It was messy. David really prays that Jesus lets that child heal with grace and aplomb.

Do you have any kittens?

Oh yes.

What do you like most about kittens?
I love my kitty's cute face!

Have you ever done a play at Mary Arrchie?
No, Rich Cotovsky has a restraining order against me. Which is understandable.

When was the last time you had a really long personal talk with Rich Cotovsky?
2001, just after the trial. I mean, I try now to have that long personal talk, but he can't, he's not ready. Which is understandable.

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